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Pray for at least 20 minutes each day for 23 days (January 8-30):

  • Read Scripture before your 20 minutes of prayer. You can do your own reading or follow one of the daily reading plans recommended for 2023 on our Bible Reading page (click here).

  • Do your best to be free from distractions.

  • Ask God to bless the time you are about to spend with Him.

  • Prayer ideas:

    • Spend time praising and thanking your Heavenly Father for who He is and what He has done​

    • Confess your sins and the sins of our nation to the Lord, and ask for forgiveness

    • Pray according to the Scriptures you previously read (let truths and principles in Scripture be a springboard to your prayers)

    • Present your requests to God (for family, friends, neighbors, our church, our nation and leaders, the world and world leaders, etc.). 

    • Spend some time listening to the Lord and pray as the Holy Spirit leads you

May the Lord bless this time and make our prayers powerful and effective! (James 5:16)​

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