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​2023 Bible Reading Schedules!

Bible reading schedules are a great way to maintain a steady diet of God's word. We are recommending two options for 2023. The schedules have been entered into the calendars below (you can bookmark this page to check on your daily readings, or you can click the plus in the bottom right corner to add a schedule to your own calendar). You can also download a PDF file for the first schedule.

Option 1: Pastor Billy's Bible Reading Schedule

Pastor Billy Ford developed this schedule for those who want to read the Bible in one year. There are two readings each day, usually one from the Old Testament and one from the New Testament. Psalms, Proverbs, and the Gospels are spread out so that you will continue to read them throughout the year. This schedule begins on January 8. Click Here to download a PDF of this schedule.

Option 2: One Story Bible Reading Schedule

This schedule will take you chronologically through the main stories of the Bible. Every day has a main passage and two key cross references.  Even if you’ve read the Bible, this plan will help you understand how everything in Scripture is connected. You get Sundays off from reading to focus on church and as a catch-up day if you fall behind.

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