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We're thrilled you are interested in joining us for worship on Easter Sunday!


Please plan to join us for a continental breakfast at 9:15 am. At 10 am, the main worship service will be inside our sanctuary (there will be overflow rooms available if the sanctuary fills up). In Kid's Church, children will have fun with an egg hunt and a Bible lesson about Jesus' resurrection.

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So, what's the big deal about Easter? It's about celebrating the greatest day in history: the day Jesus defeated death and secured eternal victory for all who would turn to him in faith.

Here is an acrostic using the word RESURRECTION that lists evidence that Jesus really did rise from the dead:

Radical change in Jesus' disciples

Jesus’ followers instantly went from cowardly to bold.


Over 500 eyewitnesses saw Jesus alive (1 Corinthians 15:3-8). Many of them were killed for sharing this testimony. They would not have done this for a lie.

Scriptures recorded early

The New Testament was written while the eyewitnesses were still alive.  This rules out the possibility of myth-making.

United witness

All New Testament authors attest to the same events.

Resurrection foretold by Jesus

It was part of God’s plan (Matt. 16:21, Luke 9:22, Mark 8:31-32)

Report of ancient historians

Josephus (a 1st-century Jewish historian) and Tacitus (a 1st-century historian of the Roman Empire) both mention the resurrection of Jesus.

Empty tomb

Where did the body go?  No one had a motive for removing it.

Changed lives

Billions of people have experienced new life through faith in Jesus.

Truth issues

Jesus’ disciples believed that God rejects liars (John 14:6, Rev 21:8; 22:15).  Why would they then perpetuate a lie?

Infilling of the Holy Spirit Jesus said he would send the Holy Spirit to his followers (John 16:7, Eph 1:18-22, Rom 8:11).  Millions attest to this experience today.

Opponents converted

Saul of Tarsus, James (Jesus's half-brother), and many other hostile skeptics have come to faith through examining the evidence and personal encounters with the living Christ.

No other possible explanation for all of the above!

Click here for an article that explains why the resurrection of Jesus is so important

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