What We're About

Bouquet Canyon Church is a community of people that first and foremost, love God. We know that He has a purpose for each of our lives. Part of our purpose is to share His love with the world around us. He is the one who brings us together and each person adds something valuable to who we are. All are welcome to join us. We are a community that is devoted to Jesus Christ, the study of God's word and experiencing God's transforming power in our lives.  

Our Purpose

It is our mission to help people...

1. Awaken to the Love of God,

2. Grow in the Love of God, and

3. Live out the Love of God

This purpose is expressed and lived out through our core values. It is our aim that these values reside in the hearts of all of our members.

Core Values

The "HEART" of BCC's ministry will be characterized by:

Harvest Vision

We will keep our eyes on the harvest fields, those who don't know God in the sphere of influence He has given us (John 4:35)

Empowered Ministry

In order to be a help and blessing to all people, we will operate by the love of God, consistent prayer, excellent training, and the gifts and power of the Holy Spirit (Luke 4:18)

Authentic Worship

We will love and honor God by living lifestyles of genuine worship, faith, and Christ-likeness. We will not simply offer our community a philosophy, but will be a place where people can experience genuine encounters with the true and living God (Matthew 22:37)

Relational Commitment

We will be a dedicated spiritual family, devoted to one another and maintaining a culture of love, grace, and forgiveness (Romans 12:5)

Truthful Teaching

Devoted to the truth of God's Word in Scripture, we will present it in a way that makes sense and helps people to grow into spiritually mature disciples (1 Timothy 4:13)